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Promise to give highest price along with extra benefits

Free Home Visit Available For Buying Gold, Silver And Diamond at your Venue

Jewellery Buying Transaction is done under 10 minutes all payment can be done in cash

Paying 15% bonanza of extra cash as on festival season 2019

Current Gold Rate – Rs 34,000/- per 10gm Silver Rs – 42,000/-

We are the most trusted Gold, Silver, Diamond buyer and purchase ornaments be it broken or old.

Our Price

We here at sell and buy gold jewellery are known to give the highest possible price for your valuable investments like Gold, Silver, Diamond and Gemstones etc. Sell n buy gold jewellery is one of the most trusted organizations where you can exchange gold for cash at amazing prices.

Trust and Accuracy

Every customer is little concerned when they approach any vendor for selling of Gold, Silver and Diamond. Here at sell and buy gold jewellery we completely understand this, therefore, use globally acknowledged method for evaluation.

Customer Satisfaction

One of our major focus is to provide maximum customer satisfaction which we believe can be achieved by using honest methods and an exceptional customer service. These are major reasons customers choose us to get instant cash for gold, silver and diamond.

Free Assesment

Go for our free evaluation service that is being offered where customers have no obligation to sell. If the customer feels that satisfactory price is being offered then they can exchange gold for cash instantly on the spot.


About Us

Owing to our unambiguous methodology and clear methods, sell n buy gold jewellery has become one of the foremost names in Gold, Silver & diamond buying industry. In this big arena of jewellery buying, we have been able to carve a special place in terms of trust, brand and reliability. Customers approach us to get instant cash for Valuable metals which have helped us to emerge as the best place to sell your gold in Delhi NCR. Our team of talented jewellery evaluators will educate the customers about the steps that are being taken during the process.

Few of the other attributes that set us apart from the rest include moral correctness, systematic approach, superior reputation in the market and expert guidance. All factors have helped us to emerge as a topmost leader in this industry in the precious metal buying industry.

Cash for Gold

Gold has always been considered as the premier investment mode right from the medieval ages. In today's context, things have not changed much they are still the same when considering buying precious metal like Gold. Customers around the world do prefer investing in gold due to its potential for astonishing returns.

What we buy?

  • Rings
  • Chains
  • Bracelets
  • Jewellery

Cash for Silver

In every house in India, you can easily find silver items because it has been aprofit producing metal. When we see the bigger picture silver can be exchanged for cash in times of need. This is where Sell And Buy Gold Jewellery comes into the picture as we customers can get instant cash for silver, gold and diamonds and fair price is assured. There is nothing such as like minimum or maximum quantity that you need to sell.

List of silver products that we buy

  • Bracelet
  • Anklets
  • Pendant
  • Coins

Cash for Diamond

Diamonds have always been one of the hot assets that can be redeemed to profit during the time of financial trouble. You can easily get instant cash for diamonds from any of our outlet in Delhi. We are an authentic and dependable diamond buying company which is appreciated using trust worthy evaluation methods. The customer is paid the highest value when diamond fulfills the criteria of cutting, clarity, colour and carat weight. With all these positive attributes we place for exchange diamond for cash in just a few steps.

Diamond products that we buy

  • Ring
  • Necklace
  • Earrings
  • Anklets
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- Client Feedback -


I will rate them highly because they fulfilled their promise and gave me maximum value for my diamond necklace which nobody was ready to give.

Ajay Rathore

It was really an extraordinary experience talking with the knowledgeable team of Sell And Buy Gold Jewellery they sorted out my queries and made all payment instantly.

Geetanjali Verma

A superb destination to where your sell gold at much higher than the market price. Simply terrific.

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